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56 Music Fix is a village wide three-day live music festival in Mt. Prospect running Friday, August 23 to Sunday, August 25th.


Local establishments are encouraged to have specials, sales or their own entertainment (chosen from our list of vetted local artists) to play in their restaurants, bars or shops. Big Plans Productions, in conjunction with the Mt. Prospect Chamber of Commerce, are organizing this epic event for all residents to enjoy and to benefit area establishments.


Need help?

Bands are submitting every day, and we can help choose what music would best suit your venue. 

Support the Venues

  • Sponsor bands performing throughout the weekend

  • Offset costs for the host venue- and market your business with signs or a table with freebies

  • Let's help each other make this an amazing weekend!


What's in it for you?

  • Venues: your establishment will be heavily promoted before, during and after the festival.

  • Community Involvement: get your name- and great idea- out there through your support


Tell us: We can't promote what we don't know.

tell us your event schedule by completing the form below and we will promote on our website.

Your neighbors rock! Let's give them the venues to prove it!

- Big Plans Productions

(847) 219-3898

Thanks for submitting your information. We will review your submission and update our website. 

- 56 Music Fix & Big Plans Productions

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