We welcome your talent and appreciate all genres- Originals or covers? Punk? Metal? Hip Hop? DJ? Acoustic? Bring it.


Complete & submit the Band Submission form below.  This way, we'll get to know your band a bit, your  price range and availability for the weekend of 8/21-8/23, 2020.  


Musical Acts work directly with establishment host(s) once placed. Sound, set up and any payment are coordinated with the host/bar owner, etc. 


Submitting does not guarantee placement. We're expanding to more restaurants, bars, and businesses but may not be able to accommodate everyone. Multiple venues host over 10 bands during this weekend. to do so, many bands play for free or for less than normal- but set times are shorter and sound is usually provided (Depending on venue, we'll help with this).

Rock on!


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