Artists performing at 56 Music Fix

These local bands are ready to rock our village during the

56 Music Fix!

Check back often- more bands added daily!

Ken Dix & The 56

Local favorite! This 9 piece band plays rock, country, Irish tunes, originals, and dance-able covers.

The Mosquitos

If you like deep cuts and extended versions of your favorite songs, this Chicago based jam band is for you!

The Difference

The Difference consists of 5 talented young musicians playing music from the 50s to the 80s. Unlike other bands, they take you through every decade telling the story of classic rock

Friday 8-21 @ Mrs P & Me

8-10:30 PM


 Saturday 8-22 in the tent @ Sam's Place

8-11 PM


Sunday 8-23 @ Mrs P & Me

3:30-5 PM

Acousticity Cover Band featuring Gary Pfister & Dave Olson (formerly of Mr. Hand)

Exit 147

Saturday 8-22 @ Mrs. P & Me

7-10 PM

The pride of Arlington Heights, this 6-member band rocks sing-along hits from the 70's to today. 

Soul Daddy

Saturday 8-22 @ Station 34

5:30-7:30 PM

10-piece band with horns draws from contemporary and legendary soulful artists including Nathaniel Rateliff, Van Morrison, Amy Winehouse and more.

Triple Threat Band

Saturday 8-23 

@ The Moose Lodge

7-8:30 PM

Playing classic to current rock, blues, & contemporary music with original material packed with soulful vocals and scorching guitar riffs. TTB covers it all, a must see band.

Gal Gun

Saturday 8-24

@ The Moose Lodge


Garage band heavily influenced by 90's behemoths Weezer & Blur, balanced with softer Belle & Sebastian and The Shins, their sound is equal parts familiar and refreshing.

Vaguely Familiar

Saturday 8-24 @ Trezeros Kitchen & Tap

7-10 PM

Acoustic guitar duo playing renditions of classic rock hits

Guitar Tom's Musical Petting Zoo & Under 18 Open Mic

Sunday 8-23 @ Mt Prospect Public Library

11 AM-1 PM

Bring the kids for a free lesson on any guitar, banjo or ukulele followed by an open mic for those under 18!

Ukulele Meetup group

Saturday 8-23 @ Capannari's


Ukulele players of all ages descend upon the gazebo at Capannari's for traditional Hawaiian songs to The Beatles! Music available for $5 donation. All welcome to play!

My Metal Heart

Friday 8-21 @ Station 34

10:30-1 AM

The Baldest hair band in town!
Faithfully re-creating the best ROCK songs from the best 80's rock artists.
Dressed to the Nines, and turned up to Ten!

Joe Corrado

Saturday 8-22 @ Canta Napoli

6-8 PM

Solo, acoustic instrumental guitarist playing songs you know and love! "Seeing him play is always amazing." the Fix organizers 


Friday 8-23 @ The Red Barn

8-10 PM in the loft

X-Side is a 3 piece power-pop, alternative, and classic rock band that is EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR WITH YOUR BEER!

Needs Improvement

Saturday 8-22 

@ The Moose Lodge

4:45-6:30 PM

Johnny America and the Kids of Liberty play "sing-along" bar music. John Cougar, Social Distortion, Blues Brothers, Johnny Cash, Blur, Eminem


Joey LaLa DJ Set

Sunday 8-23 @ Mrs. P & Me 

Noon-1 PM

Spinning sounds the underground, soul, funk, punk, rap and rock and roll. The perfect accompaniment to Sunday Funday! 

The Big Style Brass Band


Saturday 8-24 @ Mrs P & Me

6-7:45 PM

Nine-piece group performing music rooted in the New Orleans tradition. Expect high energy craziness as members parade the venue.


Saturday 8-22 

@ The Moose Lodge

2-2:45 PM

Hardcore punk band with influences ranging from classic punk to 80's hardcore.

What's Left

Friday, 8-23 @ Sam's Place 8:00-11 PM

What's left - or - left? When all the other bands are off doing whatever, we're what's left - a bit of an inside joke, but gets at the root of the depth

Black Irish

Sunday 8/25 @ Mrs P & Me


Family band making their 56 Music Fix debut with amazing covers and a steel guitar.

El Condor

Saturday 8-24 @

The Moose Lodge

5-6 PM

indie rock band with music influenced by post–British Invasion garage rock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, punk rock and post-punk.

Crook County

Saturday 8-24 @

The Moose Lodge


Three piece punk rock band rocking The Moose for year two!

Earth Radio

Friday 8-21 @ Station 34

7:30-8:30 PM

This 4-piece band brings the sound of human music via 'jam punk' originals & covers

Dennis Caravello

Friday 8-23 @ Trezeros

7-10 PM

Recently returned home from Nashville, this singer puts his spin on classic rock, folk and Americana

Off the Vine

Saturday 8-24 @

The Moose Lodge

6:15-7:45 PM

Country/Folk with a touch of the blues.We like to call our sound: "Urban Twang"

Mike Leazer

Friday 8-21

@ The Moose Lodge

6-7  PM

Solo acoustic guitar act from Mt P's own Prospect High School

Triple Shot

Saturday @ Mrs P & Me

2:20-3:40 PM

3-Piece band based in Des Plaines rocked P's last year and are ready to do it again!

Six on Friday

Friday 8-21 @ Station 34

5-7 PM

This youthful Chicago area cover band, started in the summer of 2016, playing classic and current hits. They are returning for their 2nd year at The Fix!

Ryan Yueill


Acoustic Singer/Songwriter & local guitar teacher playing originals & covers by artists including Tom Petty, The Eagles & More. Accompanied  by James Bourland on guitar

Jahli Llama

Friday 8-21 @ Mrs P & Me

6-7:30 PM

Rock and roll cover band. They dive deep into 90's bands and sprinkle in some other eras as well. 

Dill Spears

Friday 8-21 @ Mrs P & Me

4:45-5:45 PM

Four dudes to entertain & keep you dancing all night long (Lionel Richie not included). 

Flanking Adam

Sunday 8-23 @ Mrs P & Me

1-2 PM

Power trio met through the Music Fix & now performs indie, punk, & alternative covers. Their harmonies are the driving force behind their songs. Whether covering big hits or hidden gems, there's a fresh approach to everything they play.

M C Carron

Sunday 8-23 @ Mrs P & Me


Spinning stomp, funk, dub, ska, reggae, surf and other aural delights, M C Carron likes to mix things up.

Hold Please


Some awesome band will soon be added here. Stay tuned!

Hold Please


Some awesome band will soon be added here. Stay tuned!

Hold Please


Some awesome band will soon be added here. Stay tuned!

Third Step on the Moon

Saturday 8-22 

@ The Moose Lodge

3-4:30 PM

Local teen band with rock covers and sick originals. Their cool vibe incorporates The Cramps, Ramones & even Talking Hears.

Carter & Company


Acoustic duo plays hits throughout the decades you can't help bit sing along to.

Chapter 1

Saturday 8-22 @ Station 34

3-5 PM 

Teen band of talented musicians drawing inspiration from classic rock & pop from 50's to today.

Ernie Hendrickson

Friday 8-22

Inside @ Mrs P & Me


Midwestern openness meets Nashville, like the great American singers and songwriters who inspired him—such as Neil Young, Jerry Garcia and Willie Nelson—Ernie seeks the light amidst the ever-present perils of darkness.

John Koziol Band

Friday 8-21 @ Mrs P & Me

4:30 PM

We are beyond thrilled to have John open up the 56 Music Fix as only he can: with a stirring performance of The Star Spangled Banner on his killer guitar!

Gina Gonzalez & Bryan Sansom

Saturday 8-22

Inside @ Mrs P & Me

10 PM-1 AM

Touring with the Lt. Dan Band featuring actor Gary Sinise, she composed “A Letter Home” for the men and women who serve. This song continues to gain recognition for it’s honest and emotional portrayal of being part of the military.

3 Emmez

Saturday 8-25 @ Mrs P & Me


The 3 Emme brothers (Ages 12-16) started playing together in their basement and have become a Music Fix favorite. You gotta hear their "Iron Man!"

Leroy Winn

Friday 8-23 @ Canta Napoli

7-9 PM

Saturday 8-24 @ The Red Barn

6-8:30 PM

Acoustic Solo Performer & singer/song writer heavily influenced by the styles Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Mike & Eileen

TBA @ The Red Barn

Whether it's Pop/Rock from the 80's, 90's to current, Contemporary Country or Alternative favorites, there's sure to be something for everyone.  


Saturday 8-22 @ Mrs P & Me

3-4 PM

3-member band playing originals and covers from Typhoon, Silversun Pickups, Cursive & Death Cab For Cutie,

The Middle Men

Sunday 8-25

@ The Moose Lodge

3-3:45 PM

3 Piece band playing raw and fast with a dash of soul.

Mike Geo

Friday 8-23 @ Red Barn

2-5 PM

From Adele, The Eagles, Jackson 5, Luke Bryan and even 90's TV Theme Show songs, Mike has something for everyone! 

Gerald and Camille

Saturday 8-24 @ Red Barn

3:30-6 PM

Acoustic Duo performing current and classic Country, Pop, and Rock favorites! 

Michael Riser

Friday 8-23 @ Draft Picks

8-11 PM

Solo acoustic guitarist playing an entertaining blend of rock & country covers & originals. 

Yourz Truly (Stripped)

Saturday 8-24 @ Red Barn


A taste of everything! 
Pop, Rock, Modern Country.

Tim Gleason & Tiffany Marie

Sunday 8-25 @ Red Barn

2-5 PM

Acoustic duo performing Pop, Country, and Christian music

Sucker Punch Lite

Friday 8-23 @ Red Barn

5-8 PM

Female fronted band playing rock and pop covers that will knock you out. Where the party & the music come together.

David Lee

Saturday 8-24 @ Emerson's

9-11:30 PM

Performing popular rock & pop music from the 80's and today, with intimate acoustics to high energy electric guitars and live drum beats.  

Michael Silvestri

Friday 8-23 @ Trezeros

4:30-6:30 PM

Performing a unique variety of jazz, folk, country roots and pop.

Marc Concialdi

Saturday 8-24 @ Trezeros

4:30-6:30 PM

Acoustic musician playing rock favorites for every generation.

The Fairlanes

Sunday 8-23 @ Station 34

2-5 PM

Talented musicians entertaining audiences over 20 years. An eclectic song list & tightly knit harmonies will have you dancing and singing along with your favorite hits.


Friday 8-21 @ Station 34

9-10 PM

Psychedelic progressive rock band. Their music spans genres & that bass...

Culture Project

Friday 8-23 @ Station 34

5-6:45 PM

Talented, young musicians share their original songs and also try some improv musical stylings.

Something New

Sunday 8-25 @ Station 34


Musicians of all ages recently formed this Beatles Tribute band.

Evidence of Time Travel

Saturday 8-24 @ Gathered Boutique 6-8 PM

Sunday 8-25 @ Draft Picks

Noon-2 PM

Jazz vibe, 60's vibe, blues vibe- they take songs from different eras and add their own spin. A favorite from last year!

Heritage Drive

Saturday 8-24 @ Station 34

2:30-5:30 PM

Heritage Drive is a rock and roll band playing some good old fashioned rock and roll covers. Come along for the ride!

Two Weeks Notice

Saturday 8-23 @ Station 34

8-10 PM

This blues/funk band comprised of 6 talented young musicians made their debut last year and blew our minds! They've kept us rocking all year- including headlining the 56 Yule Fix.


Saturday 8-24 Artisan Fix @ Lions Park Bandshell


High energy rock based on their heavy influences in blues, funk, rock, reggae and metal.

Hot Planet

Saturday 8-24 Artisan Fix @ Lions Park Bandshell

4-5 PM

7-Piece Chicago Band Getting Sweatier and funkier!!

Joe Eddy Brown

Saturday 8-24 @ Nothing Bundt Cakes

11 AM-1 PM

Rocking acoustic guitarist debuting his talents during the Music Fix weekend.

Kristin Rose Kelly

Saturday 8-24 @ Mia's Cantina

6-9 PM

Emmy Nominated Singer/Songwriter mixes classics with current rock & pop.

Bobby Zonit

Saturday 8-24 @ Artisan Fix

Lions Park Bandshell

5:20-6:20 PM

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, from a rich jazz-blues fusion with a smooth R&B twist to lyrically mesmerizing folk tunes with a dash of soul.

JANNK Jazz Combo

Saturday 8-24 @ Artisan Fix

Lions Park Bandshell

1:45-2:30 PM

Jazz ensemble of college and high school students who love & support the revival of jazz music. 

Black Irish

Sunday 8-25 @ Mrs p & Me


Kevin, his 5 children, throw in a son-in-law on percussion, Black Irish play mostly covers, with a handful of originals in the mix.    

Hold Please

01/19 - 01/23

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Hold Please

01/19 - 01/23

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