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2023 Bands Playing the FIx

Stay tuned - We continuously update as bands sign on!


Ken Dix & the 56

Friday 8-18 @ Mrs P & Me

8:00-11 PM

Local favorite! With so many performers and instruments playing, you'll be dancing all night.

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My Metal Heart.png

My Metal Heart


The Baldest hair band in town! Faithfully re-creating the best ROCK songs from the best 80's rock artists. Dressed to the Nines, and turned up to Ten!


The Difference

Friay 8-18 @ Moose Lodge

6:30-8 PM

Talented young musicians playing music from the 50s to the 80s. Unlike other bands, they take you through every decade telling the story of classic rock

2018-08-28 17.19.56.png

Your Band Here

@ Red Barn

Hold Please



Sunday 8-20 @ Moose Lodge

3-4 PM

Formed in 2021, these El Rey students will be jamming 90's alternatives!

Big Style Brass.jpg

Big Style Brass Band

Saturday 8-19 @ Mrs P & Me

5:00-6:15 PM

New Orleans style brass band ripping the tent apart at P's! If you caught them our 1st year- you know! Watch them tear it up!



Saturday 8-19 @ Station 34


Awesome duo featuring Gary Pfister & Dave Olson (formerly of Mr. Hand) and their many guests hopping on and off stage!

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2018-08-28 17.19.56.png

Hold Please

@ Red Barn

your band info here...

image0 (1).jpeg

Jahli Llama

Friday 8-18 @ Mrs P & Me

4-5:30 PM

"We’re getting the band back together!” Jahli Llama returns to rock you with a set of uncommon covers from the 80’s through today

neighbor john.jpg

Neighbor John

Saturday 8-19 @ Mt Prospect Golf Course

6-8 PM

Classic rock favorites. Side effects may include singing, dancing & smiling. Ask you doctor if Neighbor John is right for you.



Sunday 8-20 @ Mrs P & Me

1:00-1:45 PM

Experimental trap Vocalist & Producer whose lush instrumentals & vocals form an ethereal atmosphere.

dill spears.webp

Dill Spears Acoustic

Sunday 8-20 @ Capannari's Ice Cream

5-7 PM

Providing live music to Bars, Private Parties, Yachts, Caves & anywhere we can find 120v electrical service. We bring an eclectic mix of covers and originals to keep the party going all night


Meteor DJ

Sunday 8-20 @ Mrs P & Me


Spinning sounds the underground, soul, funk, punk, rap and rock and roll. Always the perfect accompaniment.

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Booti Grooviani

Sunday 8-20 @ Mrs P & Me

7-9 PM

Three rad dudes who play all kinds of music, as long as those kinds are funky.

image0 (2).jpeg

Jessie's Girl

Sunday 8-20 @ Moose Lodge

6-8 PM

Jessie's Girl takes 80's fun to a higher level with a Dance-your-face-off attitude! Every song is embedded in the history of music. There's nothing else but the maximum fun!



Friday 8-19 @ Red Barn

2-4:30 PM

Hailing from the basements of AH, this American blues rock jam band presents a new lineup with lead singer & local fav Izy!

IMG_5120 (1).jpg

56 Hoot Band

Sunday 8-20 @ Mrs P & Me

5:00-6:30 PM

Local musicians that met through the Music Fix Hootenannies perform indie, punk, country, & alternative  covers together. 

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exit 147.jpg

Exit 147


Newly revamped, the band still covers all the best music from the past as well as current radio favorites.

The Gingers.png

The Gingers

Saturday 8-19 @ Moose Lodge

8:30-11 PM

A Rapturous riot of redheaded women who will rock your face off. Delivering a high-energy, fun-loving performance of the best rock songs from the 80's to today!

Screen Sh.jpg

Oh Yes!

Saturday 8-19 @ Mrs. P & Me

8:30-11 PM

Hot new band comprised of seasoned veterans that began jamming during lockdown. A summer must-see of 70's-90's pop, country & rock!

zydeco voodoo.jpg

Zydeco Voodoo

Saturday 8-19 @ Mrs P & Me

3:00-4:45 PM

Playing a mix of traditional New Orleans music and popular rock & blues songs in a style you only hear on Bourbon street.  

coach house.jpg

Coach House

Saturday 9-19 @ Mt Prospect Golf Course


Chicago's post-pandemic rock band for fans of a good time.


The PanDamnits

Saturday 8-19 @ Mrs P & Me

6:30-8 PM

Starting with rocking their front porch during the pandemic, The PanDamnits evolved into a revolving door of musicians jamming Fleetwood Mac, Ramones & Led Zeppelin- and they take requests!

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No Age Statement

Saturday 8-19 @ Lions Park Band Shell- Artisan Fix

1:00-2:45 PM

This acoustic duo crafts a killer setlist, where a hint of nostalgia gives way to earthy sensibilities to please the most discerning palate. All styles. No constraints. No Age Statement.

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Needs Improvement

Saturday 8-19 @ the Moose Lodge

3:00-4:00 PM

A shifting network of genre-fluid musicians conspiring to deliver stealth jams and rock-n-roll death blows.

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Ukulele Gathering

Saturday 8-19 @ Capannari's

2:00-3:00 PM

All Ukulele players welcome to descend upon Capannari's gazebo. Pluck Hawaiian songs, The Beatles & more! Music available for $5 donation. All welcome to play!

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The Mosquitos


A unique jam band playing the music of Santana, The Dead, War, Clapton & much more! 


Ernie Hendrickson

Friday 8-18  inside @ Mrs P & Me

10 PM- late

Midwestern openness meets Nashville, like the great American singers and songwriters who inspired him—such as Neil Young, Jerry Garcia and Willie Nelson—Ernie seeks the light amidst the ever-present perils of darkness.

john k.jpg

John Koziol Band

Friday 8-18 @ Mrs. P & Me

3:00-4:00 PM

We are beyond thrilled to have John open up the 56 Music Fix as only John can: with a stirring performance of The Star Spangled Banner on his killer guitar!

reality bytes.jpg

Reality Bytes


This 90’s/00’s Alt/Grunge Rock Cover band is going to tear up 34 again! Favorite quote from their last show there: So worth the hangover!


M C lil j

Saturday 8-19 @ Lions Park Band Shell- Artisan Fix

Noon-12:45 PM

56 local Julia Degan raps & DJs. Making events better with exactly the right music is her specialty. Her podcast 'Rap on Tap' is available on all platforms. 

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Joe Corrado

Saturday 8-19 @ Canta Napoli

6-8 PM

Our favorite guitarist around, Joe's played with the 56 Hoot Band, Zydeco Voodoo and rocks Canta Napoli all year round! We are so lucky to have him!


Hold Please

@ The Red Barn

Your band here...



Sunday 8-20 @ Moose Lodge

4:30-5:30 PM

Taking inspiration from multiple eras of melody-driven guitar pop to craft its own unique sound. Bits & pieces of '60s rock & roll, classic power pop & even some modern garage & punk, are molded into something uniquely theirs.


The Alfonso Ponticelli Duo

Friday 8-19 @ Trezeros

6-9 PM

Hand made, electric, Gypsy caravan meets American jazz, Gypsy jazz, Flamenco and more.

I'm Just Saying - Adam.jpg

I'm Just Sayin

Friday 8-18 @ Amethyst Skye Salon

12:30-2 PM

Friday 8-18 @ Canta Napoli

6-8 PM

56 Hoot Band OG Member and Music Fix favorite, Adam Thoma flies in from South Carolina to rock the Fix! Playing a mix from Little Feat to Paul Simon and Buddy Holly, friends hop on and off stage to join him!

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2018-08-28 17.19.56.png

Pat's Friends' Band

Sunday 8-20 @ Mrs P & Me

3:30-4:30 PM

More info coming soon!

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The Throwbacks

Saturday 8-19 @ 56 Artisan Fix

Lions Park Bandshell

3:00-5:00 PM

A cover band unlike any other, taking top Billboard songs from the 50's and 60's and infusing them with energy and modern style.

kristin rose kelly.jpg

Kristin Kelly

Sunday 8-20 @ Mia's Cantina

5:00-7:00 PM

Emmy nominated, self taught artist has developed her unique sound on her first guitar at age 12. She's toured the US and frequents her home base in Chicago, creating waves and buzz with her strong, passionate voice and dynamic songs.

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6 on friday.jpg

6 on Friday

Friday 8-18 @ Moose Lodge

8:30-11:00 PM

More info on the way!

DJ Erge.jpg

DJ Erge

Saturday 8-20 @ Red Barn

10 PM - 1 AM

Inspired by Bad Boy Bill, Ryan Santos aka DJ Erge has been moving crowds for over a decade. From the age of 14, he's developed his skills behind the turntables. 

Bill Uhler.jpg

Bill Uhler

Friday 8-19 @ Emerson's

7-10 PM

Solo acoustic guitarist playing Bon Jovi to the Blues with some awesome originals too.


3 Emmez

Saturday 8-19 @ Mrs P & Me

1:30-3 PM

The 3 Emme brothers started playing together in their basement and have become a Music Fix favorite. You have got to hear their "Iron Man!"

Part of The Kids Are Alright!

Leroy Winn.jpg

Leroy Winn Power Trio

Friday 8-19 @ Red Barn

7:30-10 PM

Acoustic Solo Performer & singer/song writer heavily influenced by the styles Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.


Infunktious Duo

Saturday 8-20 @ Red Barn

Noon-3 PM

More than a traditional cover band, their sets consist covers done in a way that gets you on your feet.


The Louie's

Saturday 8-19 @ Moose Lodge

5:00-6:00 PM

More info soon!

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Stream Why Am I So Strange by The Sandwiches  Listen online for free on SoundCloud.png

The Sandwiches

Saturday 8-19 @ Moose Lodge

6:30-8 PM

Formerly Rabbit Children, this band has Indie pop-rock with grunge/alternative influence &  might do a couple originals (yes pelease!)


The Fairlanes

Sunday 8-20 @ Station 34


Talented musicians entertaining audiences over 20 years. An eclectic song list & tightly knit harmonies will have you dancing and singing along with your favorite hits.

Mike Flood.jpg

Mike Flood

Saturday 8-19 @ Capannari's Ice Cream 

6-7 PM

Mike's been out playing for years & is excited to rock his neighbors. His songs range from classic rock and country to timeless soul!

2018-08-28 17.19.56.png

Black Irish

Saturday 8-19 @ Moose Lodge

4:30-5 PM

This huge family band will rock the stage before morphing into The Louie's.

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Vaguely Familiar1.jpg

Vaguely Familiar

TBA @ Trezeros

6-9 PM

Their years-long musical relationship has marshaled a vast collection of creatively arranged acoustic renderings of popular songs. 


Ukulele Rebels

Friday 8-19 @ Moose Lodge

5:30-6:30 PM

The bright & joyous sounds of the ukulele are used to interpret Hawaiian standards, contemporary pop & much more. No instrument is more fun than the uke & no band has more fun playing one!

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Twin Coast

Saturday 8-19 @ Mrs P & Me

Noon-1 PM


Part of The Kids Are Alright!

Brian Headshots-.jpg

Brian Flatley

Sunday 8-21 @ Emerson's

4-7 PM

Multi-instrumentalist singer, when not jamming with his band Jack Squat, he's writing original music or tickling the ivories at his regular live-stream events. He's heavily influenced by Elton John, Billy Joel, Andrew McMahon & Rob Thomas.  

School of r.jpg

School of Rock


Showcasing our youngest local rockers on stage! School of Rock provides quality music lessons from real, practicing musicians.

whiskey hill.jpg

Whiskey Hill Band


4-member band playing tasty cuts from classic rock, outlaw country & southern rock artists from the 60's-80's.


Disney Sing Along with Claire

Sunday 8-20 @ Capannari's Ice Cream

12:00-1:00 PM

Interactive performance featuring sing along Disney music, games & activities perfect for the under 10 crowd!

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Sean tha dj.jpg

Sean Tha DJ

Friday 8-19 @ Red Barn

10 PM- 1 AM

Up late? Shake your bones to the eclectic music from one of our favorite DJs.


Day Drinkerz

Friday 8-19 @ Mia's Cantina

5-8 PM

Saturday 8-20 @ Emerson's

7-10 PM

Sunday 8-21 @ Mia's 4-7 PM

Power trio and special guests bring danceable covers and toe tapping tunes your way.

Image-1 (3).png

JANNK Jazz Combo


Jazz ensemble of college and high school students who love & support the revival of jazz music. 


Prospect Music Therapy

Sunday 8-20 @ Capannari's Ice Cream

1:30-3:00 PM

Annual highlight of the Fix featuring a group drumming event led by Loren Goodman. Bring a drum or borrow one & join in!


Mike Leazer

Saturday 8-19 @ Trezero's

6-9 PM

Acoustic performer playing a great array of tunes, perfect for an afternoon out.

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Triple Shot

Sunday 8-20 @ Mrs P & Me

2-3 PM

Watch this awesome band tear up the tent at Mrs. P & Me! It's their 5th year rocking the Fix!

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2018-08-28 17.19.56.png

Hold Please


Your Band Here...

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Home - Mt. Prospect Park District.png

Mt Prospect Park District 

Saturday 8-20 @ Lion's Park Bandshell

Noon-5 PM

Our amazing and generous Park District sponsors the 56 Artisan Fix on Saturday 8/20 in Lions Park.

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Dance - Mt. Prospect Park District.png

The Dance
Programs of MPPD

Saturday 8-20 @ Lion's Park Bandshell

3 performances between Noon-5 PM

Three touring dance companies: Riff Raff Dance Crew, Ballet Expressions & Impulse Dance Ensemble perform at the Lion's Park Bandshell during the 56 Artisan Fix. Register for dance classes at

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